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EVE AUDIO TS112 Subwoofer

Monitores. El precio publicado incluye 21% de IVA.

$ 91.400,00
USD 2.285,00



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Subwoofer activo de 12". Incluye filtros de rango completo y 80 Hz, interruptor de fase, filtro de frecuencias y entradas y salidas XLR.

  • Rango de frecuencia de campo libre (-3dB): 24 - 300Hz
  • Woofer: 300mm/12"
  • SPL máximo a 1m: 112dB
  • Potencia de salida total: 400W
  • Sin ninguna distorsión ruido de puerto de graves gracias a su radiador pasivo
  • Limitador de protección
  • Ajustes para volumen de sistema (satélite y sub): -inf. - +6dB
  • Interruptor DIP de bloqueo de nivel
  • Interruptor DIP de bloqueo de filtro
  • Interruptor DIP de nivel de entrada: +7dbu/+22dbu
  • Inversión de fase: 0/180
  • Filtro de satélite conmutable: plano/80Hz
  • Filtro de subwoofer variable: 60Hz - 140Hz
  • Incluye control remoto por infrarrojos
  • Conectores XLR de entrada y salida: L/R y LFE
  • Impedancia: 10 kOhmios
  • Consumo de corriente: Standby < 1w
  • Salida completa: 410VA
  • Dimensiones: 390 x 560 x 508mm (ancho x alto x profundo)
  • Peso: 25,5Kg
  • Más información

    Colocación 1x 12"
    Potencia 400 W
    Respuesta en frecuencia 300 Hz – 24 Hz


    12? Subwoofer

    Our range of Subwoofers follows our policy of using only high quality components. This has enabled us to bring the best possible products to the market place. We have paid the highest attention to properly extend the frequency range of our speakers and put even more care into our subwoofer designs. Not only care, but also a lot of testing and abuse.

    So you can rest assured that when you buy a TS (ThunderStorm) subwoofer from EVE Audio, you will be getting a first grade product that delivers adequate and precise control over the bass frequencies in your room, without any low-port noise distortion since all TS subwoofers have a passive radiator. Your system will sound as a whole, not just a sum of parts.

    All subwoofers feature the powerful accurate and low distortion sound reproduction that is the hallmark of all EVE Audio studio monitors.

    Tech Talk

    Every ThunderStorm subwoofer has detailed controls like switchable satellite filters (full range and 80Hz), phase switch controls (0?, 180?). and variable subwoofer filter frequencies (60….140Hz) to let you tailor and adjust your ThunderStorm to your specific room.

    The TS112 is our largest, “no-compromise” subwoofer. The highly efficient PWM amp is capable of 400?W of short term output power. The powerful amp, coupled with a large proprietary 12? woofer will guarantee you a clean frequency response down to 24Hz and up to 300Hz, for a maximum output power of 112 dB (SPL @ 1m). As with the highly efficient TS110, don’t let your neighbours see you unloading this subwoofer into your house!

    The included remote control will let you adjust not only the subwoofer’s volume but also the complete stereo system’s volume while sitting comfortably in your sweet spot.

    All in all, the ThunderStorm subwoofers will make any system sound better and more complete.

    As with every other EVE Audio subwoofer, you get balanced XLR In- and Outputs (Stereo In and Out, LFE In, LFE/Sub Out) for greater convenience.

    Passive Radiator

    The particularity of our extremely powerful and accurate subwoofer resides in the passive radiator used that replaces the common bass reflex tube. With this design all audible noise due to air turbulences disappear completely.

    Unwanted disturbing pipe resonances (at lambda/2 and multiples) are eliminated, which are unavoidable when applying the principle of a two-sided pipe opening (bass reflex port). The suspension of the passive radiator has a restoring force underneath its tuning frequency and reduces inaudible excursions in the subsonic range.?This in turn results in reduced intermodulation distortion in the working range.

    The passive radiator allows a particularly low tuning or lower cut-off frequency in a very compact cabinet.

    Product TS112
    Description Subwoofer
    Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 390 x 560 x 508
    Dimensions (WxHxD) [“] 15.35 x 22.05 x 20
    Free-field frequency range (-3dB) 24Hz – 300Hz
    Woofer 300mm/12”
    Maximum SPL @ 1m 112dB
    Number of amplifiers 1
    Output power (woofer[s]) 400W
    Protection limiter
    System volume (Satellite & Sub) -inf. – +6dB
    Subwoofer volume -inf. – +6dB
    LED brightness setting
    Level-lock dip switch
    Filter-lock dip switch
    Input level dip switch +7dBu/+22dBu
    Phase inversion 0?/180?
    Switchable Satellite filter flat/80Hz
    Variable Subwoofer filter 60Hz-140Hz + LFE
    Remote control Sys. & Sub. Vol.
    XLR in left (impedance) (10k)
    XLR in right (impedance) (10k)
    XLR in LFE (impedance) (10k)
    XLR out satellite left (impedance) (10k)
    XLR out satellite right (impedance) (10k)
    XLR out (LFE) (impedance) (10k)
    Power consumption
    Standby < 1W
    Full output 410VA
    Weight kg/lb. 25.5 / 56.2

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